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    Ø  Job Name

    • Sr DP and DP Operator

    Ø  Reports To

    • The Sr DP and DP Operator report directly to the Stability Section Leader.

    Ø  Leads

    • Sr DP Operator leads the DP Operator and Deck Foreman

    Ø  Authority

    • The Sr DP and DP Operator is delegated with authority to execute duties as detailed in section 5 Responsibilities and Duties.

    Ø  Responsibilities and Duties

    • The Sr DP and DP Operator’s overall responsibilities are, but not limited to the followin:
    • DP watch keeping and duties and communicating with the operation department and Engineer on duty as well as other marine related aspects of the operation:
      • Monitoring power requirement
      • Monitoring sensors
      • Monitoring consequence analysis
      • Monitoring weather
      • Monitoring vessel movement and minimizing as required by operations and taking appropriate actions as per the corporate and offshore unit specific DP Operation plan.
    • Assist in efficient and safe power management according required DP operations.
    • Positioning/moving of offshore units as required by the operations
    • Adhere to standing orders given by the master.
    • Ensure correct maintenance is done for DP related equipment (ex.: Console, Poles, Beacons) and space;
    • Remain informed of what operations are in progress;
    • Keep up to date with the different stages of the operations/project ongoing;
    • handle and operate both the ballast and the emergency ballast system as well as all damage and leak detection system
    • keep logs on ballasting operations
    • Monitor and keep continuous control of the stability of the offshore unit, its draft and position;
    • Assist in the daily stability calculations;
    • Reporting any unexpected significant change in stability and draft to onboard management;
    • Act as a navigation watchkeeper during DP operations and transit of the offshore unit;
    • Ensure nautical publications are kept up to date together with any related registers;
    • Ensure that all established reporting procedures and routines are followed and that all paperwork is on time and correctly handled;
    • Whenever operations tolerate: Assist the marine department leader in maintaining life-saving and fire-fighting equipment;
    • Assist OIM in any administrative work as required (these may include but are not limited to PTW, POB, timesheets, etc.);
    • Ensure GMDSS watchkeeping;
    • Perform any specific duties as so reasonably designated by the marine department leader.
    • Make entries in the Daily Logbook(s) as required;
    • monitoring of all vessel movement and helicopter movements in the area and keep records of visiting vessels/helicopters;
    • POSMOOR: monitoring of anchoring system and procedures and operate the anchor winches whenever requested by the marine department leader;
    • Assist with mooring operations when entering/leaving port

    Ø  Special Roles and Duties

    • Permit To Work (PTW) coordinator as per work management plan;
    • Fast Rescue Craft commander;
    • Handling the fire detection system (isolations, checking alarms).

    Ø  Generic HSE Duty and Authority

    • Ensure that all orders and instruction given or received in writing or verbally are fully understood and adhered to.
    • Ensure that all safety routines as per the corporate safety management system are followed.
    • Ensure that all work is planned and properly communicated as per the corporate work permıt procedure.
    • Promptly report all accidents, near-miss accidents and non-conformances through the proper channels.
    • React timely to all corrective action requests.
    • Carry out duties according to the offshore unit’s Emergency Response Plan.
    • Inform management of any suggestion to make a safer working environment and be proactive in continually improving efficiency and operation of the unit.
    • Maintain a handover system as per the corporate handover procedure
    • It is the duty of all to risk assess any activity before undertaking it.
    • Everybody has authority to STOP any ongoing dangerous work.
    • Participate in safety meetings and emergency drills held onboard.
    • All offshore employees are responsible to maintain compliance with the applicable training matrix and thus keeping their certification valid.  All employees must carry the required original certificates/cards with them when boarding a company managed offshore unit.


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