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    Job Category: Electrician
    Job Type: Full Time

    1. Job Name


    2. Reports To

    The Electrician report directly to the Electrical department Supervisor and in absence to the Technical Department Leader.

    3. Leads

    Assistant Electricians

    4. Authority

    The Electrician is delegated with authority to execute duties as detailed in section 5 Responsibilities and Duties.

    5. Responsibilities and Duties

    The Electrician’s overall responsibilities are, but not limited to the following:

    1. Monitor and maintain electrical systems: Power Generation, Switchboard Distribution, related electrical equipment, VSD control system, EO-systems, and all electrical instrumentation.
    2. Establish good communication with operations department leader regarding equipment repairs, maintenance and planning so as to minimize the risk non-productive time due to equipment breakdown or downtime.
    3. Ordering electrical maintenance/breakdown spares and maintaining stock levels.
    4. To write work scopes for major electrical overhauls for approval.
    5. Responsible for the upkeep of electrical files and drawings onboard.
    6. Assist with classification society’s surveys and other authorities
    7. Ensure that all reporting procedures and routines are followed and that all paper work is handled efficiently and correctly.
    8. Maintain Electrician’s workshop and tools in a clean and tidy manner at all times.
    9. Keep maintenance records and prepare reports concerning the electrical installations.

    6. Special Roles and Duties

    1. Act as nominated competent person to handle electrical isolations as per the isolation procedure.

    7. Generic HSE Duty and Authority

    1. Ensure that all orders and instruction given or received in writing or verbally are fully understood and adhered to.
    2. Ensure that all safety routines as per the corporate safety management system are followed.
    3. Ensure that all work is planned and properly communicated as per the corporate work permit procedure.
    4. Promptly report all accidents, near-miss accidents and non-conformances through the proper channels.
    5. React timely to all corrective action requests.
    6. Carry out duties according to the offshore unit’s Emergency Response Plan.
    7. Inform management of any suggestion to make a safer working environment and be proactive in continually improving efficiency and operation of the unit.
    8. Maintain a handover system as per the corporate handover procedure
    9. It is the duty of all to risk assess any activity before undertaking it.
    10. Everybody has authority to STOP any ongoing dangerous work.
    11. Participate in safety meetings and emergency drills held onboard.
    12. All offshore employees are responsible to maintain compliance with the applicable training matrix and thus keeping their certification valid.  All employees must carry the required original certificates/cards with them when boarding a company managed offshore unit.


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